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Looking for a little extra to take your event experience to the next level? Take a look through my additional options. I have projectors, plasma screens, lasers and more. Simply let me know what you need when booking.


Using my projector I can display your photos of choice against the wall or using my screen. Just provide me with your picture's in advance (on a memory stick or disk) and I will take care of the rest.

Extra Add On 1: Projector

My plasma monitor screen and stand is another great way to display a slide - show of your favourite pictures. Your names and/or your personal wedding/birthday message can also be displayed. with a wedding or birthday party message during your event. Images are displayed in hi-resolution plus your display can be colour matched to your theme on request.

Extra Add On 2: Plasma monitor screen plus stand.


What is a Gobo? A Gobo is a machine that will project an image onto a wall or dancefloor. This could be behind your top table, or on the dancefloor during your first dance, or on the ceiling at your birthday party.  The possibilites are endless ... the Gobo is a great way to create stunning visual effects.


Display options include photographs, words and even love hearts or stars.

Extra Add On 3: Gobo Projector


I like to present all of my clients with a free complimentary picture in a 4 by 6 inch frame.  Courtesy of DJ VALENTINE SERVICES.

Extra Add On 4: Camera


I also provide a service call DvD Pics. Essentially this is a DVD of  up to 30 photographs I take during your wedding, birthday or celebration. As well as being packed full of great photos I will also include your backing track of choice You get  the master copy so will be able to make copies for family & friends.

Extra Add On 5: DVD Pics

Transform your venue using my LED lighting. These heat free units will completely change the look and atmosphere of your event. As you can see from the images below I am able to colour match your theme and add personalised messages.

Extra Add On 6: Led Up Lighting

A great way of adding atmosphere to your event is with a smoke machine.  My haze smoke machine releases a thin layer smoke, just enough to be effective without overwhelming your guests.


PLEASE NOTE: You must get permission from your venue for use of this equipment.

Extra Add On 7: Haze smoke machine

Up Lighting at rear of pictrure with name gobo on
Up Lighting at rear of pictrure with name gobo on

Room colour schemed using my up Lighting plus clients name on the danceflloor using Gobo

Up lighting at rear of picture with name Gobo on dance floor for first dance

Your chance to dance on the clouds with my low lying Fog and Bubble machine.  The low fog created stays on the floor thus giving the impression you are dancing on clouds. This creates a perfect photo opportunity ... see the image below.


Extra Add On 8: Dance On Clouds

dancing on clouds
dancing on clouds

The 'low fog' machine creates a really romantic ambience.

I use my pinspot LED light as a way of focussing guests attention to an event feature. This could be your wedding cake or head table for example.

Extra Add On 9: LED PINSPOT

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

Fun and popular with party goers my bubble machine will transform your event.

Or you can have your cake up light to your colour

Pinspot your wedding or party cake

I also use up lights to along with the Pin spot to colour match your theme.

For those of your looking for some serious lighting check out my professional TRUSS lighting rig. This is ideal for larger events and celebrations.

Extra Add On 10: Truss Rig

Haze smoke machine
Pinspot your wedding or party cake

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