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DJ Dave Valentine 


Tel:  07775934197


Terms & Conditions

PAYMENTS - A deposit non-refundable Retainer of approximately £30.00 is required for parties, and £50.00 to £100 depends on which package for weddings to secure your date for your event. This deposit payment will be minus from your total balance. We accept all credit card payments via pay-pal; or cash payment via banks transfer into our account. The total Balance Due on or before date of your event, cash payment only.


1. This Agreement shall only become binding upon DJ VALENTINE SERVICES. receipt of deposit Retainer at least fourteen (14) days of email booking confirmation or on receiving return contract. Prior to receipt of the Retainer deposit, DJ VALENTINE SERVICES is not under any obligation to hold the date of Event open for the Client.


2. Upon receipt of the Retainer deposit, DJ VALENTINE SERVICES will reserve the Date of Event for Client, and shall not seek to plan other engagements for this time. As such, unless otherwise specified herein, DJ VALENTINE SERVICES shall retain Client's Retainer as a reasonable estimation of its damages hereunder if this Agreement is not performed for any reason, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances: a. The Client cancelling this Agreement; b. The Client's failure to complete all the conditions precedent to DJ VALENTINE SERVICES obligations, as specified in this Agreement; c. DJ VALENTINE SERVICES inability to perform hereunder if its performance is impeded by matters outside of its control, including, but not limited to, fire, casualty, acts of God, local, state or federal regulations, inadequate crowd control or protection from environmental conditions.


3. In the event the Client cancels the Event, but requests DJ VALENTINE SERVICES services for a different date (a "Rescheduled Date"), the parties shall enter into a new Agreement for the Rescheduled Date. DJ VALENTINE SERVICES reserves the right to apply Client's previously paid Retainer to the Rescheduled Date, and Client agrees to pay any additional Retainer due at that time.


4. In the event the DJ assigned to this Event is unable to perform due to illness, accident, equipment failure or otherwise, DJ VALENTINE SERVICES shall use its best efforts to find a replacement DJ, equipment or to otherwise perform hereunder. If DJ VALENTINE SERVICES  is unable to locate a replacement DJ or replacement equipment, and therefore fails to perform hereunder, Client's Retainer shall be refunded within thirty (30) days after the Event Date. The parties agree that refund of its Retainer shall be Client's sole and exclusive remedy in either law or in equity for DJ VALENTINE SERVICES failure to perform hereunder.


5. DJ VALENTNIE SERVICES does not provide any warranties or guarantees with respect to its performance hereunder and none should be implied by Client, or by law.


6. The Client agrees to be fully responsible for any loss or damage suffered by DJ VALENTINE SERVICES to its equipment, representatives or otherwise during the performance, including, but not limited to, damage as a result of improper crowd control, negligent or wilful misconduct by the Client's guests or exposure to environmental elements.


7. DJ VALENTINE SERVICES specifically reserves the right to select the D.J. who will perform this contract on its behalf, as well as the production, presentation and performance of the services rendered hereunder. The DJ listed on this Agreement is not intended to guaranty that specific person's performance.


8. Reserves the right to assign this Agreement.


9. DJ VALENTINE SERVICES herein reserves the right to utilize photographs, audio or other media documentation of the Event for purposes of its own marketing with clients agreement.


10. Provision of services by DJ VALENTINE SERVICES.


All equipment provided is electrical PAT tested

DJ VALENTINE SERVICES. has PLI - Public liability insurance

A copy of all certificates can be provided

You can see my up to date certificate on our ABOUT page by clicking on the red button at the bottom of page


11. For your specific music requests and pictures to be shown if booked, and to discuss all the formalities, we should finalize no later than 2 weeks prior to your affair to ensure that all of your requests & pictures are complete. If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. Once again THANK YOU!


12. This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties, of this terms and conditions.

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For Terms & Conditions When Booking With DJ VALENTINE SERVICES

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